Kitchen Reviewers Introduction

Let us introduce ourselves briefly. We like to share with you our ideas about beauty and in particular beautiful design. Our team frequently re-decorates houses and appartments. We want to take you with us on our journey of re-styling and re-designing. Currently we are renovating a lot of Kitchen. We will be showing you as Kitchen Reviewers how we look at kitchens and what we do to enhance them.

Not only Kitchens

We do not only re-style kitchen, but currently that is what we are mainly being hired for. So what else do we do? We are mainly into a few areas in the house. First of all kitchens, second of all bedrooms and third of all livingrooms and dinig areas. In general we do not renovate sheds and gardens. We like to stay inside the house. We work with a lot of different styles and colours. The two of us can work with both Tradional styles as well as modern ones. The reason some people refer to us as kitchen reviewers has to do with the fact that we have been re-styling kitchens for the past few months.

Kitchen Reviewers Oven

Appliances in Kitchens

Some of the most important things to keep in mind are appliances. These usually make up half the price of a kitchen nowadays. They very much determine the look and feel of a kitchen. In a more traditonal kitchen one can imagine having a stove. In a modern kitchen however one could think of an induction hob. My partner and I are very much fan of induction hobs and electrical ovens. We believe global warming is a serious issue and we like to use kitchen appliances in a way they are good for the environment. We believe induction is a good example for this.

Other than style, function of a kitchen is highly important. Of course we very much keep this in mind. After all a kitchen is only a tool to make great dinners. In appliances function is also important. As a team we will talk with you and consider what you need and which price you should get it for.

Other ways to Style and Design a Kitchen

If you follow us, you will find that we will give a lot of needy tips to re-style your kitchen. You can think of handles or knobs, or perhaps a new fawcett or sink. Once again it is important to consider your style. Are you going for traditional? Or are you going for modern? A Traditional Kitchen could have a nice Farmhouse Sink. A modern Kitchen would benefit more from a Stainless Steel one.

We will tell you much more. We will attempt to update our blog regularly. We also have a great love for music. We always have some songs playing while writing this blog.

Lots of love the Kitchen Reviewers

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