Music in the Kitchen

Whether you are designing a Kitchen or are cooking in the kitchen, listen to music helps your creativity. Listening to Music in the kitchen might make your dishes even better. Have you ever heard os someone not listening to music? No? That is because it is impossible. Music is the rythmic sounds. This means there is music in every thing.

Music in the Kitchen when you are Cooking

We have had interviews with some famous and non famous chefs (mostly non famous). However wether one is an amateur chef or a professional, all are inspired by music. Some people find music in the kitchen soothing. Others like to play upbeat music to help them pick up the pace with the cooking. If you are cooking a dish from a certain place in the world, playing music from the same place can really create the atmosphere. Some people say it feels like being holliday.

Music and Design

Perhaps you like to play music in the kitchen or perhaps you like to play music while you design a kitchen. Not only chefs perform while playing music, also designers do. Some of the designers we have spoken with noted they play different kinds of music for different design job. One designer let us know she plays classical music or lounge music when she has to concentrate. Playing songs she could sing along with would distract her. However when she is working on a task which doesnt need all of her focus, such as creating a moodboard, she likes to play sing a long songs.

Listening to music in the kitchen

The type of music one plays also depends very much on the weather and on ones mood. Another designer pointed out he never plays music in the kitchen. Perhaps that is the reason why he is never in his kitchen, he laughingly said. He does like to play music when he is designing furniture. Strangely enough when he is designing summery garden furniture he likes to play typical summer music. “Sometimes I desig these heavy winter tables. Mad out of solid oak wood. In this case I like to play heavy music, sometimes rock”

How often do you listen to music while designing?

Our last designer listens to music everyday wherever she is. On the bike, in the car, at work and at home. She usually is in a very happy mood and likes to play a lot of upbeat music. She tells us about music strenghtening her mood. When I feel a little down, I feel like playing melancholic music most of the time. Perhaps I should not say this, but I like to feel this emotion to sometimes. I suppose it makes me feel extra happy at other moments. At these moments too I like the music to emphasize my mood. Sometimes however when I feel a bit down I use a bit of party music to make me feel like “what the hell”. At these moments I feel like no one can hurt me. I strongly suggest listening to music to everyone. It has helped me through good and bad times. I like to listen to music wherever I go, but most of all I like to listen to live music. Concerts are the best.

Soon we will write more on designing and music. Would you like to know more about us?

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