A Tankobon is a Japanese term. It usually refers to a single Manga book. Single in this sense means it is not part of a series. In older Japanese a Tankobon could also refer to a none Manga book. We Like to use the term for our blog, because we were inspired by a Japanese Manga artist. This also why we have called our website Yojira. This is inspired by the name Gojira, which is the Japanese term for Godzilla.

Why Tankobon?

Even though this website is mainly about Design, Kitchens and Music. We did want to pay a little attention to the choosing of our name. Tankobon is sometimes also spelled as Tankoubon. Of course there is no real official writing for it in Roman Script.  The Japanese way of spelling it is as follows; 単行本

Tankobon Manga Book

We can imagine very much that you just want information about design and could not care less about where we got our name from. Just in case you did, we liked to tell you. We like to be open about it and share whatever we can. After all Manga is also very much an art. It needs a lot of designing and creative writing. If you just want to read more about

More thanks and Inspiration

Other than Yojira and Tankobon we were also inspired by a great website about Kitchens and Design. We have written an article about Metodmaster right here. We recommend you to read the article before visiting them. Other than providing meaningful tips about Kitchen Design they also provide reviews on beds, day beds and futons for example. Make sure to check them out before you buy anything at IKEA. This is the company where they put their focus on. This is mainly due to the good experiences they have had at this global company. The focus is on the United States, but sometimes they provide interesting information about Canada or Europe too.